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To keep on your radar and to do

First things first, bookmark Democracy.io – it’s a webtool created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that automates contact representatives via their website forms. Calls are the most effective way to have your voice heard, but web forms are a close second (as they are easy to categorize and count on the receiving end). Democracy.io is a one-stop shop and you should definitely use it.

Congress is out of line…again

Mitch McConnell is pushing for a vote on Scott Pruitt over Democratic objections even though an Oklahoma court ordered that the thousands of emails between him and the fossil fuel industry be released by next Tuesday. All emails are from the time period during which Pruitt held office. Time to make some [more] phone calls (or use Democracy.io!).


Comment period on DAPL closes on MONDAY. See my post for information on leaving a comment, including a sample comment. Keep the pressure on until the bitter end.

Net neutrality

The FCC pays attention to comments from the public. This is important because there’s currently a battle being waged over net neutrality. From the FCC’s documented process: “We are often asked who sees the comments. Well, for one, the Commissioners and staff. Comments impact on the Commission’s decisions. If you review a Commission’s R&O, you’ll see it analyzes and responds to comments that have been filed.”

Here’s how to comment:

  • Go the FCC Express Comment Page
  • Enter “14-28” in the “Proceeding(s)” field – the number for Net Neutrality
  • Enter all required information and your comment  (**Keep in mind, if your comment is published, your address and name will be publicly listed**)
  • Click the button to review
  • Review and then submit your comment

After you’ve submitted it, your comment will be reviewed by the FCC and posted. It’s always better to write your own (unique) comment, but you should be sure to mention the following:

Georgia special election to replace Tom Price

Now that Price is leaving his Representative position to take on his new position as HHS Secretary, Atlanta’s suburban sixth district is having a special election. Democrats feel optimistic about clinching the win, but it’s going to get heated, not least of all because the special election will be a “jungle primary.” This means that the top two finishers in the race, regardless of party, will proceed to a runoff (unless someone manages to win a majority the first time around).

Currently, the front runner is the former Georgia Secretary of State, Karen Handel, who was a Susan G Komen for the Cure executive who orchestrated a ban on funding for Planned Parenthood in 2012. There are also state senators in the running as well as some die-hard Trump loyalists. Long story short, this is an important race. Keep an eye on Jon Ossoff – a 29-year-old former congressional staffer and investigative filmmaker. He’s been endorsed by fifth-district representative John Lewis and fourth-district representative Hank Johnson. He’s also cleaning-up on crowd-sourced donations

Trump is surveying the people!

He wants to know what we think about the mainstream media, and we should all definitely go ahead and chime in.